Rust PreventativesPreventing rust and inhibiting corrosion presents a unique challenge in metalworking production.

Some parts are kept in long-term storage, some are held short-term between manufacturing processes, some are transported long distances, while others are exposed to multiple climatic or atmospheric conditions.

Whatever the situation, we offer a variety of solutions for rust and corrosion problems.

The CorPro line of rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors range from water displacing oil based products, to quick drying evaporatives, to water-based synthetics, to emulsion technologies.

In addition to rust preventatives, the CorPro line includes a water dilutable rust remover for steel,  a rust remover and passivator for stainless steel and a leak test fluid for pressure vessels, tanks and other enclosed containers.

Rust Preventative Type Description
CorPro 5200-E Rust Preventative Quick drying corrosion inhibitor that leaves a very light, dry-to-touch film on parts. Water displacing properties help ensure coverage after machining. Short­ term indoor protection of 3 to 6 months makes it a good choice for both in­-process production or storage.
CorPro 5204-T Rust Preventative Leaves a light, slightly oily film on parts while offering excellent, economical coverage. Provides short term protection of 3 to 6 months. Water displacing to allow for extra protection. Good for in-process or storage indoors.
CorPro 5207-E Rust Preventative Solvent based rust preventative that provides superior rust protection for a variety of ferrous metals including cold rolled steel, hot rolled pickle, hot dipped galvanized and electrogalvanized steel. Indoor protection for 3-6 months.
CorPro 5220-ET Rust Preventative Unique oil and solvent chemistry designed for ferrous metals. Water displacing product used in dip tanks or spray applications. Offers 3-6 months indoor protection. Pleasant scent to offset solvent.
CorPro 5299-Y Rust Preventative Full synthetic, water based rust preventive. Leaves a light, non-tacky film on parts that will provide from 3 to 6 months indoor protection on ferrous and non­ferrous metals. For use in a variety of applications including dip or spray.
CorPro 5300-ET Rust Preventative Fast drying, water-displacing choice for either in-process or indoor storage. Leaves a light, waxy film. Easy to remove in aqueous solution if desired.
Problem Solvers Type Description
CorPro 5500-LTF  Leak Test Fluid An effective Leak Test Fluid for pressure vessels and tanks. Water dilutable up to 10%. Low foaming and contains no solvents or VOC generating chemicals. Ferrous or non-ferrous metals.
Rust Lift Rust Remover Synthetic rust remover designed especially for steel. User friendly, cost effective alternative to provide an in-house solution to expensive problems. Water-dilutable. Works well when mixed with hot water. Short dwell time.
CitriSurf 77 Plus Stainless Steel Passivator/Rust Remover Unique specialty product. High quality blend of chemicals formulated for rust removal and passivation of stainless steel products. Safe and effective replacement for nitric and phosphoric acid. Water dilutable or full strength.