DuraMet Process CleanersClean Parts are a “must” in today’s manufacturing environment.  Dirty parts cause shipping delays and loss of revenue. Process Cleaners are vital as cleanliness quality standards for manufacturers continue to tighten.  As we better understand our clients, we are able to draw from our “DuraForce” Series of in-process cleaners to help satisfy their needs. Our cleaning chemistries are used in single or multi-­stage spray systems including belt, rotary drum, and other specialty washers; in dip tank and ultrasonic systems; in single or dual tank wet floor machines; or for clean-outs of machine tools.

We offer alkaline cleaners, neutral cleaners, slightly acidic cleaners, and combinations of all three for a variety of applications and processes. Our cleaning products are operator friendly and are compatible with mixed metals.

Process Cleaner Type Description
DuraMet 7600-OA Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser Heavy-duty, citrus based, orange colored, highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser containing safe, NATURAL ingredients. Effective results where heavy soils are present. Use in dip tanks or for general purpose cleaning.
DuraMet 7100­AF Alkaline Spray/Dip Moderate duty liquid alkaline cleaner intended for use on ferrous metals. Effectively removes cutting oils, coolants and rust preventives as well as light stamping and drawing compounds. Non­-foaming, demulsifies tramp oil and offers up to 3 months indoor rust protection.
DuraMet 7255-AM Mixed Metals Spray/Dip A liquid alkaline cleaner to be run at temperatures up to 140°F for in­-process parts cleaning. To be used on ferrous and non­ferrous material including carbon steel, aluminum and zinc. Low foaming with excellent rust and corrosion inhibiting properties.
DuraMet 7300­AFH Heavy-Duty Spray/Dip Liquid alkaline cleaner formulated for single or multi­-stage spray or dip  operations. It is intended to be used on ferrous metals. Low foaming with excellent rust and corrosion inhibiting properties and is designed to remove heavy drawing and stamping compounds.
DuraMet 7600­AU Ultrasonic Heavy-Duty Water-Based Cleaner Water-based, Heavy-duty cleaner designed for ultrasonic cleaning operations  where high performance is essential. Readily removes oils, grease, soldering residues and particulate from buffing, lapping, and vibratory finishing operations. Perfect for hydraulic cylinders, sealing devices, golf club heads, hardware, etc.
DuraMet 7600­D3 Neutral pH Ultrasonic Cleaner A unique, neutral pH cleaner formulated for high performance cleaning in ultrasonic units where both steel and aluminum are processed. Has high emulsification, suspending, and wetting properties. Does a great job on plastic mold parts, electronic components, optical lenses, glassware, jewelry, etc.
DuraMet 7626-IR Heavy-Duty Dip Liquid alkaline low pH (10.2) cleaner that can be used on ferrous metals. Run ambient to 130°F. Low foaming and corrosion inhibiting. Removes heavy oils, grease and dirt. Can replace safety solvent. Great for maintenance departments and tool rooms.
Hand Cleaners Type Description
Dura Soy Eco-Friendly, All Natural Hand Cleaner A unique “working” hand soap and conditioner. An all natural, eco-friendly,  cleaner that is great for removing solvent, grease, oil, ink and other tough soils found in an industrial environment. Fortified with an antimicrobial agent and an eco­-friendly scrubber.
Maintenance Cleaners Type Description
DuraMet 7600-AC Citric Floor Cleaner Citric floor cleaner that can be used in auto scrubbers as well as mop buckets. Will remove heavy shop soils including machine lubricants, grease, or metal forming compounds. Designed for concrete or brick floors.
DuraMet 7001-­SC Dual-Purpose Concrete Floor and Sump Cleaner A dual-purpose, power performer for lifting heavy grease and oil off concrete shop floors. Also serves as an in­-process machine tool sump cleaner. It is great for manual cleaning or in high-­speed scrubbing equipment and is the perfect choice for factories, warehouses or garages.
DuraMet 7002-­LF Heavy-Duty, Highly Concentrated Low Foaming Floor Cleaner A versatile, heavy­ duty, low foaming, economical floor cleaner that can be used in automatic floor scrubbers or mop buckets. Great for cement or concrete floors. Removes heavy soils like oil, grease and machine lubricants.
Clean-Out 55 Low foaming soap for cleaning machine tools and sumps A specialty cleaner that can be diluted and used to clean dirty CNC tool sumps. Can be run after a coolant pump-out and before a fresh charge. Or can be added to dirty coolant, circulated for 1/2 hour, then dumped and recharged.