DuraForm Metal Forming Compounds

Deep draws, tough metals, high volume production, or adverse conditions in the factory all present unique sets of problems.

DuraForm metal forming compounds are formulated to help produce exceptional parts under the most difficult circumstances.

Protect your machinery investment with the excellent lubrication and corrosion protection of our metal forming compounds.

Our complete line of compounds designed to meet specific challenges include vanishing oils for high speed stamping, heavily compounded straight oils, soluble oils, synthetics and unique hybrid technologies.

Compound Type Description
DuraForm 3620-ET Oil Chlorine-FREE straight oil designed for end forming operations.  Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Low to medium viscosity for light work loads.
DuraForm 3434-EF Oil Medium viscosity end forming lubricant designed for medium to heavy-duty work. Formulated for aluminum but can be used on carbon steel as well.
DuraForm 3461-EF Oil Heavy-duty, medium viscosity end forming lubricant compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Stain resistant and can be cleaned in both aqueous or solvent based parts washing systems.
DuraForm 3000-EFY Synthetic Unique, Chlorine-FREE synthetic lubricant formulated for end forming operations. Can also be mixed with water and used in grooving operations to eliminate the concern of cross contamination of dissimilar lubricants. Can be used neat or diluted depending on the severity of the operation.
DuraForm 3050-Y Synthetic Chlorine-FREE dual purpose lubricant. Formulated with a unique lubricity package. Can be used for light stamping and drawing and is especially well-suited for end forming.  Clean running and low foaming.  Use neat or diluted up to 10:1.
DuraForm 3200-EV Synthetic Light vanishing lubricant formulated for fast dry times (20-30 seconds). Lubricity additives provide enough EP for light stamping of a variety of metals including stainless steel as well as mixed metals.